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Rice yield and relationships to soil properties for production using overhead sprinkler irrigation without soil submergence
By By Girsang, S.S.; Buresh, R.J.; Correa, T.Q.; Quilty, J.R.; Sanchez, P. B.
Relating X-band SAR backscattering to leaf area index of rice in different phenological phases
By Asilo,S.; de Bie, K.; Laborte, A.; Maunahan, A.; Nelson, A.; Quilang, EJP; Skidmore, A.
Balance between nitrogen use efficiency and cadmium tolerance in Brassica napus and Arabidopsis thaliana
By Liao, Qiong; Guan, CY; Ismail, AM; Jian, SF; Lepo, JE; Song, HX; Zhang, ZH.
Genetic biofortification to enrich rice and wheat grain iron: From genes to product
By Carbonari, Slamet-Loedin, Inez H. and Ludwig, Yvonne.
Identification of genomic region(s) responsible for high iron and zinc content in rice
Dixit, S.; Abbai, R.; Kumar, A.; Paul, A; Ram, T; Singh, U.M.; Singh, V.K.; Virk, P.S.
Variation in seed longevity among diverse Indica rice varieties
By Lee, J.S; Hamilton, R.S.; Hay, F.R.; Ismail, A.M>; Kretzschmar, T.; McNally, K.L.; Pacleb, M.; Sta. Cruz, P.C.; Valdez, R.; Velasco-Punzalan, M.


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