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Do field-level practices of Cambodian farmers prompt a pesticide lock-in?
By Flor, R. J.; Maat, H.; Hadi, B.A.R.; Kumar, V.; Castilla, N.
Monsoon variability trends and strategies to get through its vagaries in rice-based systems in eastern India
Panneerselvam, P. Panneerselvam, P.Sudhanshu Singh.
Is Bangladesh's economy approaching the Lewis turning point?
Bairagi, S.; Kamal, M.
Introducing a new tool for greenhouse gas calculation tailored for cropland: rationale, operational framework and potential application
By Wassmann, R.; Pasco, R.; Zerrudo, J.; Vo, T.B.T.; Sander, B.O.
Global survey data on rice breeders' characteristics and willingness to adopt alternative breeding methods
By Lenaerts, B.; Collard, B.C.Y.; de Mey, Y.; Demont, M.
Estimating soil evaporation in dry seeded rice and wheat crops after wetting events
By Naveen-Gupta; Eberbacha, P.L.; Humphreys, E.; Balwinder-Singh; Sudhir-Yadav; Kukal, S.S.
Reviewing Vietnam’s nationally determined contribution: a new perspective using the marginal cost of abatement
By Carbonari, D.E.; Grosjean, G.; Läderach, P.; Nghia, T.D.; Sander, B.O.; McKinley, J.; Sebastian, L.; Tapasco, J.


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