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Does Trade Policy Impact Food and Agriculture Global Value Chain Participation of Sub-Saharan African Countries?
By Balié, Jean; Del Prete, Davide; Magrini, Emiliano; Montalbano, Pierluigi; Nenci, Silvia.
Metabolic responses of rice source and sink organs during recovery from combined drought and heat stress in the field
By Lawas, Lovely Mae F.; Erban, Alexander; Hincha, Dirk K; Jagadish, S V Krishna; Kopka, Joachim, Zuther, Ellen.
Nutrient management and submergence-tolerant varieties antecedently enhances the productivity and profitability of rice in flood-prone regions
By Gautam, Priyanka; Lal, B.; Nayak, A. K.; Shahid, M.; Meena, B.P.; Singh, Sudhanshu; Srivastava, A. K.
Importance of phosphorus and potassium in soil-specific nutrient management for wet-season rice in Cambodia
By Kong, Kea; Choi, Il-Ryong; Ehara, Hiroshi; Hin, Sarith; Ismail, Abdelbagi M.; Kato, Yoichiro; Seng, Vang; Vergara, Georgina
Dissemination pathways for drought-tolerant rice cultivars: A farmer-participatory evaluation in the Philippines
By Corales, Aurora M.; Banayo, Niño M.C.; Bueno, Crisanta S.; Johnson, David E.; Kato, Yoichiro; Santos, Royette C.
Plant sciences, public policies and food security
By Robert S. Zeigler


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