Featured Books

Crop systems biology /
by Yin, Xinyou

Biofortification of Food Crops
by Singh, Ummed; Praharaj, C S; Singh, S. S; Singh, N. P.

Scented rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars of India: a perspective on quality and diversity
by Nadaf, Altafhusain; Mathure, Sarika; Jawali, Narendra

Plant, Soil and Microbes : Volume 1: Implications in Crop Science
by Hakeem, Khalid Rehman; Akhtar, Mohd. Sayeed; Abdullah, Siti Nor Akmar.

Molecular breeding for sustainable crop improvement
Rajpal, Vijay Rani; Rama Rao, S; Raina, S. N.

Stress responses in plants : mechanisms of toxicity and tolerance
by Tripathi, Bhumi Nath; Müller, Maria

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Newly Published Articles

The social and economic impact of biofortification through genetic modification
By De Steur, H; Demont, M; Gellynck, X; Stein, A. J.
Gender differentials in farming efficiency and profits: The case of rice production in the Philippines
Mishra, A. K; Khanal, A. R; Mohanty, S.
High temperature effects on Pi54 conferred resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae in two genetic backgrounds of Oryza sativa
By Onaga, G; Onaga, G; Wydra, K; Koopmann, B; Chebotarov, D; Sere, Y; Tiedemann, A. von.
The Nup98 homolog APIP12 targeted by the effector AvrPiz-t is involved in rice basal resistance against Magnaporthe oryzae
By Tang, M. Z; Ning, Y; Shu, X; Dong, B; Zhang, H. Y; Wu, D. X; Wang, H; Wang, G. L; Zhou, B.
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)-based paddy rice monitoring system: Development and application in key rice producing areas in Tropical Asia
By Setiyono, T; Holecz, F; Khan, N. I; Barbieri, M; Quicho, E; Collivignarelli, F; Maunahan, A; Gatti, L; Romuga, G. C.


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